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Conference Papers

“Counterfactual Situation Testing: Uncovering Discrimination under Fairness given the Difference.” JM Alvarez, Salvatore Ruggieri. ACM EAAMO 2023. [paper]

“Fairness implications of encoding protected categorical attributes.” Carlos Mougan, JM Alvarez, Salvatore Ruggieri, and Steffen Staab. ACM AIES 2023. [paper]

“Domain Adaptive Decision Trees: Implications for Accuracy and Fairness.” JM Alvarez, Kristen M. Scott, Bettina Berendt, Salvatore Ruggieri. ACM FAccT 2023. [paper]

“Can We Trust Fair-AI?” Salvatore Ruggieri, JM Alvarez, Andrea Pugnanna, Laura State, Franco Turini. AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2023. [paper]

Journal Papers

“Predicting and explaining employee turnover intention.” Matilde Lazzari, JM Alvarez, and Salvatore Ruggieri. International Journal of Data Science and Analytics (IJDSA), 2022. [paper]

Working Papers

What’s the Problem, Linda? The Conjunction Fallacy as a Fairness Problem. [arXiv]

Causal Perception with Salvatore Ruggieri. [arXiv]

The Initial Screening Order Problem with Antonio Mastropietro and Salvatore Ruggieri. [arXiv]


Proceedings of the 2nd European Workshop on Algorithmic Fairness, Winterthur, Switzerland, June 7th to 9th, 2023. Edited by: JM Alvarez, Alessandro Fabris, Christoph Heitz, Corinna Hertweck, Michele Loi, Meike Zehlike. CEUR Workshop Proceedings 3442, 2023. [EWAF 2023]


'’Gauche caviar.’’ The TSEconomist. Issue Num. 16, September 2017. [article]

'’In his own narrative: An interview with Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller’’ with Marina Sanchez Del Villar. The TSEconomist. Issue Num. 14, December 2016. [article]

'’Heil Benny! A brief look at jazz during the Third Reich.’’ The TSEconomist. Issue Num. 11, December 2015. [article]